WPF Tour in the Netherlands 8 – Cadzand

VISIT 8:  WPF Cadzand 20 March 2022

It takes a village to pass on the light

Since 2004 the WPF shines in front of the village church of Cadzand and next to the Peace tree with an abundance of wishes in many languages. We had a wonderfull meeting in the course centre of Hein Stufkens Hein together with Els van Venrooy involve the whole village in the light of the flame. The bakery sells flame biscuits, the restaurant owner sells candles, the civil servant finds resources, the local journalist spreads the news. And the small wooden sign in the peace tree are made by a village boy working in a sheltered workplace.

You cannot miss the WPF in the village, as there are signs and plaquettes everywhere. The very committed WPF group regularly organizes events to inform the many tourists who visit the village: peace concerts, guided peace walks and cycle tours.

We read a quote by Savitri MacCuish on the plaquette next to the WPF monument:

When we dream alone, it is only a dream,
When we dream together, it is the beginning of reality.

Als we alléén dromen, blijft het een droom.
Als we samen dromen, wordt het werkelijkheid. 

The beautifull light of sunset and sunrise that we experienced at the beach strengthens the light of the WPF!




– – –

This summer I got the idea to visit all WPF monuments in the Netherlands. I have not seen all yet and I would love to meet the people behind the monuments: they care for the flames and they spread the light through all kind of activities. How are they touched by the wpf? What are they motivated by?

Anke van Keulen