The 31st of July we celebrate the 25th birthday of the World Peace Flame.

Therefore we are restyling the website.
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We thank you for your contribution to peace!

A Powerful Mission with a Global Vision

Imagine if every man, woman and child in every nation and country, from every religion and creed, were united in peace. Our dream is as simple as its ambitious, one flame uniting people worldwide.

Spreading Peace

The World Peace Flame is dedicated to achieving peace through education and practical support of grassroots peace initiatives.



In July 1999 seven live flames, lit on five different continents, were flown to the UK where they were united into one flame: The World Peace Flame.

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Peace Education

A free and beautiful Peace Education package for schools and parents, with a manual for the teachers and a workbook with fun assignments for children.

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Medical Camps

The WPF has been providing free medical care and educational kits in Gujerat (India) since 2 October 2005.

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We love to hear about your peace stories, contributions and events.

You are not alone; all over the world WPF Volunteers are excited to connect with you. We can bring you together to connect for another peace initiative.

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The story of the World Peace Flame

On 31st July 1999 for the first time in history seven live flames, lit by eminent peacemakers on five continents, were flown by military and commercial aircraft to the UK, where they were united into one flame: The World Peace Flame.

  1. The European flame was lit by Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld, Princess of the Netherlands and flown to the UK by the Dutch Royal Air Force.
  2. The Canadian flame was lit in an ancient sunrise ceremony by a First Nation Chief.
  3. The Asian flame was lit at Gandhi’s memorial in Delhi. The fire was taken from the eternal flame which has been burning there since 1947.
  4. The Australasian flame was lit by representatives of the Aboriginal people and housed in a miner’s lantern donated by the Olympic Committee. It arrived in Britain after an epic 6-day flight, courtesy of the Australian Air Force.
  5. The American flame was lit on the sacred summit of Pike’s Peak in Colorado.
  6. The Middle Eastern flame was lit in the ancient cultural hub of Bahrain.

World Peace Flame monuments are now established across the globe, and their number is steadily increasing. Communities work together to design and build the monuments, which then become catalysts for collaboration involving all areas of society from local to national level.












If you are inspired by the World Peace Flame and feel passionate about supporting its global peace initiatives, then we invite you to come up with a fundraising activity that raises money to help us in our work.

How creative can you be? There’s nothing as thrilling as getting people together to support a great cause. The more people you can involve to spread the message of peace the better And every effort helps.

After you have done whatever fundraising project inspires your heart, please contact us! Let us know what you have done and how much you have raised. 
Any funds that you raise can be given to the WPF Foundation.The World Peace Flame Foundation is a registered charity.

Thank you so much for being a global peacemaker and contributing in this way.

How to donate

You can donate to the World Peace Flame Foundation and tithe a regular contribution to our global peace projects by making a recurring payment from your own bank using the bank details below.

All donations by Dutch bank account holders are tax deductible.

The World Peace Flame has an ANBI status. Check here for more info:

Two ways to donate:

Bank transfers for one-off and recurring payments
Bank account number: 3319 99 153
IBAN: NL91 RABO 0331999153

Online Donation Form for one-off donations:

Peace meditation

  • Sit in a comfortable position. Relax your body and focus on your breath for a few moments, allowing the natural rhythm of your breathing to bring a deep sense of relaxation to you.


  • Begin to think of a situation of conflict or unrest and construct a picture of it at heart level in front of you. The situation could be with someone you love or perhaps of something that is happening in the world.


  • Once this picture has formed, imagine you are breathing in a golden light from a space above the crown of your head. Breathe this light down through the crown and into your heart. As you breathe out send this light from the heat towards the picture in front of you.


  • Continue this for several breathes. Breathing in and drawing a golden glow through the crown to the heart, breathing out and sending this light towards the picture in front of you.


  • As the light touches the people or places involved, see the pain and suffering begin to dissolve and peace gradually take its place.


  • Watch smiles and relief coming onto the faces of the people in your picture.


  • When you feel the transformation is complete, allow the image in front of you to fade, take your awareness to the golden glow which has built up around the heart and simply rest in silence.

"The World Peace Flame has been
and continues to be
a symbol of peace, unity, freedom and celebration."