WPF Tour in the Netherlands 7 – Vlissingen

VISIT 7:  WPF Vlissingen 19 March 2022

Ambassadors of peace

On a crucial place near the sea, the beautiful WPF monument arises with a small very strong flame. After quite some challenges, the local WPF group found a sustainable solution to light the flame. This reflects the persistent Zealand mentality: Luctor et emergo  – I struggle and survive.

The current situation in the world is reflected by the monument: people pass and leave a message for Ukraine or they place a rainbow flag.

The chair of the local WPF group and former Mayor of Vlissingen explains the importance of the harbour town with a glorious history. The WPF makes an appearance at several peace memorial days in town and two schools work actively with the Peace education package.

The men in the WPF group have embraced the flame in their heart – they are real ambassadors of peace. Or as they put it: the flame creates a connection. And so it is stated on their website:

We believe in freedom for every one to contribute at peace every where and at every moment. We believe in celebrating life together with attention and love in our own heart.




– – –

This summer I got the idea to visit all WPF monuments in the Netherlands. I have not seen all yet and I would love to meet the people behind the monuments: they care for the flames and they spread the light through all kind of activities. How are they touched by the wpf? What are they motivated by?

Anke van Keulen