WPF Tour in the Netherlands 5 – Raalte

FIFTH VISIT:  WPF Raalte 14 December 2021

Peace in your self at a memorable place

At a wonderful place – the Stiltecentre in Raalte- the World Peace Flame shines for all visitors: yoga students, concert listeners, school classes. The centre is located in a beautiful former synagoge (later a church) with above the entrance  the Psalm text ‘Praise the Lord, honor Him  and revere Him’.

Guusta runs the centre and welcomes every one irrespective their religion. A beautiful Maria Sophia statue in this Jewish synagoge shows the openess to all religions. Guusta embraces the WPF and tells us: ‘The flame remembers us at peace in ourselves, that is the start and then you pass it on.’

Dick and Jolanda who live near the Stiltecentre, care for the WPF: ‘We are grateful that the flame shines in this old and memorable place; the WPF enriches this centre with its light and energy.’ Dick offered us a brilliant light meditation to bring the WPF light into the world. Blessings to this place of memory and these people of light.

We need the flame as a symbol to remember the light within us.




– – –

This summer I got the idea to visit all WPF monuments in the Netherlands. I have not seen all yet and I would love to meet the people behind the monuments: they care for the flames and they spread the light through all kind of activities. How are they touched by the wpf? What are they motivated by?

Anke van Keulen