WPF Tour in the Netherlands 4 – The Hague

4th VISIT:  WPF The Hague 30 November 2021

The monument is in my soul

Inaugurated in 2002 the WPF in The Hague shines strongly in front of the Peace Palace, home of the International Court of Justice. What an important place to bring the flame of peace!

Look at the beautiful WPF pathway around the monument with stones from countries all over the world. An information panel tells you which stone originates from which country. The Netherlands is represented (of course) by a basalt block, as is used in building dykes. Two colorful benches made of mosaic – created by students – are placed around the monument. It really is a place of peace!

What makes this location so special is the large number of tourists visiting the Peace Palace and the WPF monument. Have a look at the websites of The Hague’s local authority, the Hague’s tourists guides or art sites: they all mention the WPF as an important place to visit!

Joan Klink who lives near the monument, walked daily from her home to the flame during half a year: chanting, praying and meditating like in a pilgrimage.

The monument is in my soul, I care for the monument as for my child.



– – –

This summer I got the idea to visit all WPF monuments in the Netherlands. I have not seen all yet and I would love to meet the people behind the monuments: they care for the flames and they spread the light through all kind of activities. How are they touched by the wpf? What are they motivated by?

Anke van Keulen