WPF Tour in the Netherlands 2

NEXT VISIT:  WPF Nijmegen 8 October 2021

As soon as the flame shines, someting happens! Peace starts with  you!

The WPF Nijmegen shines next to a heavy traffic square. It is placed on a quite place in front of the Titus Brandsma church. Schoolclasses frequently visit the church ad the monastry because of the special meaning of Titus Brandsma. He was a Karmelite father, a mystic, a principle of the university and a very social involved man. Because of his actions during the Second World War he was prisoned and murdered in Dachau.

The current father in the monastry gives daily his support to homeless people, asylumseekers, people with debt problems, etc. He prays at the WPF every night! The WPF working group members bring the light of the flame ànd their inner light at all memory days and peace marches in Nijmegen.

When I visited this WPF working group the evening started with sacred dance. A very committed and spiritual group. Each individual group member is closely connected to the inner workings of the flame. As soon as the flame shines, something happens! Peace starts with  you!

The book of Mansukh Patel ‘The secret power of light’ is a very lively book to them.



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This summer I got the idea to visit all WPF monuments in the Netherlands. I have not seen all yet and I would love to meet the people behind the monuments: they care for the flames and they spread the light through all kind of activities. How are they touched by the wpf? What are they motivated by?

Anke van Keulen