Visions for Peace: Intercultural meetings, Enschede NL

Nine meetings for people from various philosophies of life and religions: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Humanism and the Islam.

Aim of the meetings is to share the vision on peace with each other.
Enschede is a home for 145 nationalities!

The meetings take place on each last Thursday of the month from 19.30 till 20.30 o’clock. Afterwards there will be coffee and tea. Admission is free.
Organization: the Board of Philosophies of Live and Religions Enschede, De Wonne and the World Peace Flame Twente

The meetings take place:
31 October 2013
28 November 2013
26 December 2013
30 January 2014
27 February 2014
27 March 2014
24 April 2014
29 May 2014
26 June 2014
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