World Peace Flame for Pam Evans

Pam Evans, founder of the Peace Mala initiative, received the World Peace Flame in Snowdonia Mountain Lodge, North Wales.

On 30th March 2012 Pam Evans, founder of the Peace Mala initiative, and her colleague Dalleen Jones, were warmly welcomed to Snowdonia Mountain Lodge by Sheila Roberts and Ned Hartfiel. Pam received the World Peace Flame lamp, which then travelled to Swansea ahead of a Gower pilgrimage taking place in July 2012 and entitled ‘In the Steps of the Saints; Walking for Peace with the Celtic Saints of Gower’.

The World Peace Flame, together with the Light of St Brighid from Kildare in Ireland and the light from St David’s shrine in Pembrokeshire, will be carried during the pilgrimage, which marks the Peace Mala’s tenth year. Pam is delighted to be carrying the World Peace Flame as part of this wonderful peace initiative.
Says Savitri MacCuish, Director of the World Peace Flame Foundation: “The World Peace Flame is pleased to support the vision and message of the Peace Mala project.  We have much in common and believe that when there is mutual support and respect, more can be achieved for the benefit of all in our world.”

To find out more about the pilgrimage, and the Peace Mala project, please visit: