World Peace Flame funded Humanitarian projects

The World Peace Flame Foundation has initiated and funded free health care programmes in impoverished communities in India.

We specialise in training the trainers, offering tools for self empowerment to the greatest number of people.

World Peace Flame humanitarian projects aim to empower people at all levels, from medical camps to youth education programmes, from training impoverished girls to become nurses to cultivating respect for cultural heritage.

Till April 2016 in total:
-20503 people received medical or dental treatments 
-5572 people received glasses and
-1865 people a medical operation (including 452 cataract operations).

We were able to give 1250 people good sets of clothing and 6218 children receive materials (like pens, paper, school clothing etc.) so they are able to go to school.

Humanitarian projects, World Peace Flame

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