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World Peace Flame Garden Art Monument unveiled

The World Peace Flame Garden Art Monument in Eindhoven was unveiled by Savitri McCuish, director of the World Peace Flame Foundation in a festive ceremony on 10 May 2012. The WPF Garden Art Monument was designed and produced by artist Chris Dierickx.

What makes the monument special is that in the interests of sustainability it was made from scrap materials found in the middle of the winter. As well as the flame itself, the monument comprises streams of water running through glass cylinders displaying a number of mottos relating to the world peace theme. For example a quote by Savitri McCuish: “When you have total conviction in your goal, providence walks with you”. And a quote by Mansukh Patel: “A day will come when the greatest medicine on this earth will be the medicine of light”.

A song composed specially for this occasion was sung by Jolanda Jonker and Bertram van Alphen, and this was clearly appreciated by those present. Around the monument are stones collected around the world – from locations in the USA, Asia and Europe, and from Iceland to China. If you have holiday plans to far-away places, please bring a stone back with you to lay next to the monument. We particularly need stones from Africa, the Middle East and South America! You can view the monument at Sagittalaan 6 in Eindhoven.

Recent WPF Eindhoven activities 


  • Hundreds of WPF candles handed out during the ‘Dialogue Days’ in Eindhoven.
  • The first torch for the annual Torchlight Procession for Peace and Tolerance on 24 December was lit from the World Peace Flame by a representative of the Mayor of Eindhoven. WPF Eindhoven members and friends led the procession carrying large flaming torches. Each year the first torch is now lit from the World Peace Flame. 
  • We organised a Peace Walk on the International Day for Peace declared by the UN, and WPF Eindhoven members held a range of activities in the associated Peace Week in September.
  • An illuminated artwork was switched on by artist Chris Dierickx and the then councillor Mary Fiers in the 60 metre high light tower of the Evoluon building in Eindhoven in October. They reached the location of the ‘on’ switch by climbing the narrow fire stairs. The light from the tower was even visible from the A2 highway some distance away. It was lit from 19 to 23 hours each night up to 12 November – the same period as the annual ‘Glow’ light festival in Eindhoven.


  • The World Peace Flame was installed in the Old Catholic Church of Mary Magdalene on WWII liberation day 18 September. Since then the flame has burnt non-stop, and each year sees a service and celebration on that date, followed by a walk to the city centre. There the World Peace Flame joins the annual procession with thousands of participants, including present and past members of the armed forces and numerous local associations.


  • A service was held on 4 May in the Catharinakerk church, and WPF Eindhoven members were invited to take part.
  • A Christmas Eve service was held in the Catharinakerk church on 24 December, organised together with the committee of the 18 September Torchlight Walk.


  • WPF Eindhoven members are playing an active role in the organisation of the Peace Path (‘Vredespad’) in the Meerhoven area of the city. The Peace Path is an initiative by the Eindhoven Peace Centre Foundation, under the leadership of prof. Peter Schmid.

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