World Peace Flame Educational Peace Package for Schools

Many schools are now participating in a joint educational programme with the World Peace Flame.

Educational Peace Pack for primary schools

The ‘Peace in your hands’ educational pack: ‘peace starts with yourself’

The ‘Peace in your hands’ Educational Peace Pack supports teachers in changing attitudes and building skills among primary schoolchildren in terms of peace, tolerance and respect. It promotes the social and emotional development of children, and is particularly well suited for strengthening social cohesion in classes and schools.

The educational pack was created by specialists in the development of young children, and aims to help children with stress and trauma management. As well as that, the pack is also suitable for classes with children from refugee and asylum‑seeking families

The pack consists of a teacher’s manual and a workbook for the children themselves.

The first version of the pack was created 10 years ago, when suggestions were made by teachers who wanted practical classroom materials to support discussions about peace and the WPF. Five years later this was followed by a complete educational pack. This is now in use at an estimated 350 schools in Belgium and the Netherlands. The pack has been translated into English, and is in use at schools in Australia, the UK and India.

The pack takes a positive approach: peace, tolerance and respect need personal attention. Peace can be learnt by seeing, and strengthening, the positive side of yourself and others. It’s always achievable and within reach. Not just peace through the absence of war, but the peace within yourself. Which is something that you can always come back to.

Tested an approved!
‘Peace in your hands’ has been tested by Dr. Lia van Aalsum, who gained her PhD at Radboud University with her thesis entitled ‘Spirituality in Education’. She refers to the tasks set by the pack as creative and meditative, and praises the simplicity of the approach. “The most important way to achieve peace is by seeing and encouraging the positive and good things in yourself and others”, and this project is a good example of how to put that into practice!” 

New, extended version
A renewed and extended version of the educational pack was published in February 2016, and offers:
           *  background information
           *  individual and group activities
           *  movement, relaxation and breathing exercises
           *  inspiring stories         

          *  exercises for teachers to allow them to deal better with stress

The educational pack provides teachers with practical suggestions and working methods. You can meet the world’s peacemakers, discover peace close to home, and experience the peace within yourself. And you can learn what to do if things aren’t so peaceful in the class or in yourself?

The ‘Peace in your hands’ educational pack:
            * supports a safe, peaceful learning environment in schools
            * promotes citizenship skills
            * builds skills in dealing with cultural diversity
            * offers practical ways to facilitate discussion of societal topics

Nationwide distribution in The Netherlands
The educational pack is part of a teaching materials box provided by the Dutch government to 200 schools with refugee children. The first set was handed over to a school in Zoetermeer in early April by Undersecretary Sander Dekker of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Ordering and free downloads
Copies of presentations and workshops are available on request for teachers in The Netherlands and you can order the educational pack on These materials (in Dutch) can be downloaded free of charge by schools. 

Copies in English can be ordered from Sheila Roberts (North Wales):
The new, extended version of the pack will be available by June in English and in Spanish.


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